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Smooth Sounds

Every community has a special place where good people enjoy good music, meet old friends, make new ones, and sip on something pleasantly intoxicating. Smooth Sounds is such a place in the Brownstone community. Enjoy the rich and sultry sounds of artists like Liberian born Whamae and other showcased talent inside Smooth Sounds. We invite you to sip, relax, unwind, and download. We're sure you'll want to stay here awhile

Beautiful People Cafe

Hang in the Beautiful People Cafe with the Brownstone creative team, joins us for live chats and in depth discussions on topics from aging to sex, meet other beautiful people from the Brownstone community and beyond. This is where the Brownstone community engages with other like minded adults. Lots of business happens here. This is where we network. This is where we make it happen. Professionals from all walks of life meet here. And make no mistake it's not always business. The Beautiful People Cafe is full of captivating singles looking to meet and greet singles just like you. The Beautiful People Cafe is where we meet, and we're certain you'll find this one of your favorite Brownstone community destinations! Here's to prosperity and perhaps the the love of a lifetime!

Brownstone Church

Join the men and women of Brownstone Sunday mornings. No community is complete without it's place of worship, and the Brownstone community is no different; however, we must warn you the Brownstone church isn't for the faint at heart. It's the home to real 'sinners' -- not you however, but you know the type you read and hear about: The really sick, backstabbing, crazy, jealous, divorced, single, lying, stealing, corrupt, whoring, drunk, addicted, and adulterous type. Nothing fake here, but indeed you will find some of Chicago's finest dressed men and women. If it's perfection you seek this would not be the place. Style tips and fashion advice peek in every Sunday morning! Just keeping it real. If you hear forgiveness, peace, and truth calling your name check into the Brownstone church where real people live real lives one day at a time. Remember visit at your own risk and like the men and women of Brownstone you'll be glad you did.

Be Beautiful Spa

If you miss your scheduled appointment with Gi plan to WAIT at least six weeks before you can enter this Brownstone gem again. Chicago's who's who visit Gi, and she is booked often months in advance for the even the simplest of spa services. If those brows have been neglected or maintenance has come due, ladies come hell or high water make the appointment! Yes, in the Brownstone community there are abundant Botox injections, micro dermabrasions, peels, Brazilian and Bikini waxes, mud wraps, intense serum facials, Green teas, and all things good to and for you. This is luxury skincare at it's best by Chicago's finest esthetician, Gi. Women and men alike in the Brownstone community and beyond seek out Gi to escape the cruel hands of time and mother nature. These costly indulgences make for some of Chicago's most beautiful faces and the Brownstone's hottest ladies. Gi also answers your beauty questions from cosmetics to waxing. Gi sets the record straight. Spa treatments are not just for Michigan Avenue, but Chicago's bonafide South side DIVA's and wannabes too! As Gi says, "youthfulness is priceless!" So plan to pay up ladies and gentlemen.

A go-go Boutique @ The Brownstone

The A go-go Boutique @ The Brownstone is home to The Brownstone Jewelry collection created by New York jewelry designer Dana Lyn Arthur exclusively for the Brownstone family. The Brownstone signature greeting cards are signed by our resident Floridian artist Rachelle Harris and make for exquisite frameable art. You're sure to enjoy our other mod and swanky gift ideas including music, books, and t-shirts with just enough trend, bling, and beauty. And for you ladies sporting the Brazilian wax Gi's dazzling Swaroski crystal Brazilian panty is a must have, and men love giving these. The A go-go Boutique @ The Brownstone is open daily. We invite you to browse and enjoy.

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